TEN STEPS For College

Step One: Plan Your Finances, Now! Cost won't limit your college options! In this Step, you will find a Financial Aid Worksheet, and advice on saving for college. A good student can find the money to pay for college.

Step Two: Determine Your Strengths Get to know yourself and your potential college matches using the Strength Assessment Worksheet.

Step Three: Get Good Grades In Tough Courses Use the Ideal High School Curriculum to plan for admission to the college of your choice.

Step Four: Make Tests Work for You Learn to see standardized tests as opportunities to showcase your talents and interests. In this step, you will find the recommended Testing Schedule for grades 9-12.

Step Five: Excel Outside of Class Pursue your passions and let colleges know you will contribute to their community. The Spiritual Qualities of Excellence printout will help you evaluate your areas of excellence.

Step Six: Find the Right Schools for You Find out how to select and compare schools in order to find the one that best fits your interests and strengths. The Comparative College Requirements Worksheet will help you research and compare your favorite institutions.

Step Seven: Read, Write, Visit Prepare for admissions interviews and assess colleges on those all-important campus visits. The College Visit Summary Sheet will allow you to standardize your notes for each school you visit.

Step Eight: Find Yourself in Their Pie Chart Learn how colleges select a well-rounded class of interesting students. Determine your competitive advantages with the Pie Chart Analysis.

Step Nine: Present Yourself Successfully A well-written application essay; strong recommendations, and creative consistent marketing can help you gain admission to the college of your choice. The Personal Writing Worksheet will help you formulate some ideas for your writing.

Step Ten: Choose, Apply, Enroll Learn how to make your admission decision and your transition to college. The Admissions Decision Questionnaire will help you make your final choice.


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