Performance of "Building Houses on the Moon"

"BUILDING HOUSES ON THE MOON, l.g.b.t. youth on the frontier of inclusion" debuted at the GLSEN conference at Tufts University in the spring of 2001.

Written by Emmy-nominated writer Jeffrey Solomon, it's about the struggle for acceptance of Gay, Lesbian, Bi,Trans youth and educators and their allies.

Developed from real Internet posts of l.g.b.t. youth around the world, as well as interviews with students and educators nationally, the show threads together real Internet posts with hilarious and often poignant scenes which speak directly to both the isolation but also courage and hopefulness of youth on the frontier of inclusion.

The show features performances by Carlo D'Amore, Emily Weiner and original music by Andrew Ingkavet.

Thursday, October 16, 2003 - 7pm.

Center for the Arts Studio Theater.

Admission is FREE.


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