Hey, everyone, please help us work toward ending
anti-LGBT harassment in YOUR school!

The National School Climate Survey (NSCS) is our source for the
statistics we use when we petition policy-makers, so
it’s extremely important that we have good information
about the current situation in America’s K-12 schools!
Please take the time to complete the survey yourself
(and be honest--it’s just as important to know what
schools are doing RIGHT as it is to know what they are
doing wrong!) and pass this message on to other
students you know.

Thanks so much!

Sue Comstock

Maryland Schools Liaison
GLSEN-National Capital Area

Host Committee Co-Chair
Teaching Respect for All 2003


Did you attend high school or middle school during the
past school year (2002-2003)? Tell us about your
experiences in school by completing GLSEN's 2003
National School Climate Survey online!

First conducted in 1999, the National School Climate
Survey is the only national survey that specifically
examines the experiences of LGBT youth in school. You
can help GLSEN inform education policymakers and the
public about these experiences (and challenges) by
filling out the survey at:


If you have questions regarding the article please try to contact the appropriate organization. In case your question was not answered, you're welcome to contact SAIM via email:




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