Seeking LGBTQ youth to speak on militarism issues

AFSC' LGBT programs and Youth &Militarism Program are currently
working in partnership with the National Youth Advocacy Coalition
(NYAC) on a new issue brief on Queer Youth &Militarism which will
feature interviews with queer youth and young adults directly
impacted by militarism, graphic, art work, etc. Race, class, age,
and gender will be centralized in our queer analysis of militarism.
(To see the first AFSC/NYAC anti-war issue brief, go to: where you can download a
pdf copy.)

Now in the development process, we are identifying and interviewing
queer youth and young adults whose lives have been impacted by
militarism in a variety of ways. These include, but are not limited

* Militarism in the schools, including JROTC, impacts of the "Leave
No Child Behind" Act (releasing private student information to
military recruiters), and censorship of free student expression about
the widening "war on terrorism" and related issues

* Registration for (and resistance to) the Selective Service

* Military recruitment, including issues for queer youth, promises
made by recruiters, recruitment in Latino and other people of color
communities, etc.

* Military service. We are interested in interviewing queer young
people who have served in the U.S. armed forces or seriously
contemplated doing so.

* Impacts of militarism on queer youth communities in
countries/territories dominated by U.S. or other military presence

* Impacts of militarism on young queer immigrants of color in the U.S.

* Budget and other community impacts of the widening U.S. "war on
terrorism" on queer youth organizations, agencies, programs, and

We are committed to centralizing the voices and perspectives of young
queer people of color, trans youth and young adults, and young queer

We are also seeking relevant photos and graphics we can obtain
permission to use for this issue. The issue brief will be distributed
free, in print and online versions, so we cannot pay artists or
photographers. But all work we use, with permission, will receive a
credit line.

If you are or know of young queer people who might be willing to be
interviewed for this publication, please let us know, giving us
contact information by the second week in July, 2003. We can conduct
some interviews in person, others by telephone, and others by e-mail.


Kay Whitlock
Special Representative for LGBT Programs
American Friends Service Committee
Telephone: 406-721-7844

Joseph Truong
Resources Coordinator
National Youth Advocacy Coalition
Telephone: 202-319-7596, x 12


If you have questions regarding the article please try to contact the appropriate organization. In case your question was not answered, you're welcome to contact SAIM via email:




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