Opportunity to Help Others
Avoid HIV/AIDS by Sharing Personal Stories

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for Communication
Programs (JHU/CCP) is assisting an out-of-town videographer in the
production of a documentary about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Baltimore City.
Funded by a national foundation, the project seeks to include a series of
inspirational personal testimonials and appearances at local events as part
of a community outreach program. The goal is to encourage HIV prevention
among those who engage in risky behaviors, and to inspire persons living
with AIDS to maintain treatment.

For this purpose, we are looking for dramatic examples of people who are HIV
positive and have not only survived physically and emotionally, but who are
interested in helping others though their personal testimonials and routine
activities. It's a chance to inspire other people living with HIV/AIDS,
educate the general public, and hopefully prevent the further spread of the

Specifically, we are searching for two examples that somewhat fit the
description below:

A gay man (MSM) 20-50 years old, preferably African American, who at one
time may have been "on the down low" but has now "come out of the closet"
and is successfully coping with the stigma and realities of being HIV+. This
individual could become a role model to others with self-image issues, lack
of confidence and fear of stigma. The ideal participant will be articulate,
poised, professionally employed, and in a long term committed relationship.

Someone who has been an injecting drug user and became infected with HIV
from sharing contaminated needles. Preferably, but not necessarily, female,
age 20-40, Caucasian, and successfully completed a drug treatment program.
Their life has been seriously altered by illegal drugs and HIV, but they are
determined to "stay clean" and rebuild. They may have relapsed in the past
but this time they believe they will make it.

If you know anyone who even vaguely fits the descriptions above, please have
them send an e-mail to Patricia Reid at or call
410-659-6289. Ask them to complete the brief form attached and send reply by
e-mail or fax (410-659-6266) by Tuesday July 22nd.

All information will be treated confidentially and not revealed to anyone
other than the project team without permission. A written consent form will
be required to participate in the video which enables selected participants
to receive a one-time monetary compensation for appearance in the video, and
additional payments for each personal appearance. It should be understood
that some personal appearances at local events would be expected as part of
a community outreach program associated with this project.

Be sure to include contact information in the form attached so those
potential candidates can be scheduled for interviews sometime in the next
two weeks.
Thank you for your assistance with this worthwhile project. Your referrals
and/or participation will hopefully contribute to our mutual goal of
stopping the spread of HIV in Baltimore.

Baltimore HIV/AIDS Video Contact Information
(Please complete as much information as possible)

Phone Number(s)
Referred by:

Please provide a brief description of the personal story that you think
would be inspirational to include in this video.

Thank you for your interest. All information submitted would be treated
confidentially. You will be contacted for an interview if chosen by the
producer for consideration.


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