Have You Heard The Word? and Straight Up Rappin'

Sunday, April 13

2 p.m.

Central Library - Wheeler Auditorium

Have You Heard The Word? From alternative rock concerts to MTV to clubs, coffee shops, even public parks and buses, performance poetry or "spoken word" is back. This documentary, originally produced for the Canadian television show "Imprint," and hosted by dub poet Clifton Joseph, examines the roots of this phenomenon and demonstrates its rebirth. The film includes performances and interviews with many of today's most popular spoken word artists, as well as such legendary Beat Generation predecessors as Allen Ginsberg. (1994, 57 minutes)

Straight Up Rappin' Anyone who believes that crime, poverty, and drugs have killed political thought among the young people of America's most disadvantaged neighborhoods need only see this film to set the record straight. This is a documentary about rap as it is practiced on the streets of New York - no music, just words, a powerful street poetry of the nation's disenfranchised. (1992, 28 minutes)

Enoch Pratt Free Library

400 Cathedral St.

Baltimore, MD 21201-4484



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