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Hello Everyone,

This email contains a plethora of information so bear with me. First Johns Hopkins Gertrude Stein Society and College Lambda Network are planning on a very informal event this Friday. Basically a few of us were chatting and thought it sounded like a good idea. This Friday we are planning on meeting at the Charles Theater at 6:30 in the lobby to see Trembling before God. I think the movie starts at 7:00. I think that the admission is $5 with a student ID. I hope everyone can make it.
Next, this semester's events: In February we are planning on a night at the Charles Theater. Basically it will be a short social gathering with food and then the movie. More details to come later. The second event we are planning is to have another Homo-Hop. The first was such a success and there were many requests to do it again, so we are. It will probably be in late April or early May. More details to come.
Next, scholarships available through the GLCCB. The GLCCB gives out two scholarships each year of $500. I think it is for students 24 and under. If you are interested please contact the GLCCB for information.
Next, Delta Lambda Phi is currently rushing for new members. I have attached all the information for anyone that might be interested.
Next, I need a representative from each school/group. I will still be contacting everyone by email and everyone is still invited to the meetings but it would be a lot easier if I had contacts. Basically this person would be a part of a committee that helps to organize events. Please email me the name, school, email and phone number of each representative.
Next, at our meeting on Monday, January 28 there were twelve people present representing UMB, JHU Med, GLCCB, JHU Undergrad, UMB Law, Loyola, Delta Lambda Phi and CCBC Catonsville. Many things were discussed at the meeting and I will share a few highlights. Aimee from the GLCCB Community Outreach discussed their role in the College Lambda Network. Basically their major role is to keep the College Lambda Network alive. In the past other organizations have tried to have groups similar to the College Lambda Network but most have failed because people graduate and move on.
We also discussed the leadership style we would like to have for the College Lambda Network. The majority thought that a committee (one rep from each school) with a leader (me) would be a good idea. I will take on that responsibility for the remainder of the year and we will vote next fall for someone else.
We decided that one meeting at the beginning of the semester was enough and that time we can plan two or three events to occur during the semester.
If any groups need information spread to all of the College Lambda Network please send it to me and I will send it out. My email address is
At the meeting we also had a representative from the Delta Lambda Phi fraternity. Like I said earlier there is an attachment that goes into more detail about the frat. The contact person is Don Pontier,
Okay I think I have weighed you down with enough information and I'm sure I probably forgot something. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I hope everyone can make it to the movies this Friday.

Kelli Brown

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