January 18-19 in Washington D.C.

Below you will find information about a planning meeting, march and
rally taking place January 18 &19 in conjunction with the National
March on Washington DC to Stop the War on Iraq.

Saturday, January 18
Youth &Student Planning Meeting
6 pm
@ the Church of the Brethren
(4th St. and North Carolina Ave. SE)
*walking distance from the demonstration*
(snacks will be provided)

Come to a youth &student meeting to discuss the January 19th actions
and future actions against war and racism.

As you know tens of thousands of people will be converging in Washington

D.C. for the weekend of January 18th to take a stand against War and
Racism. On the buses traveling from all over the country will be
anti-war activists, labor unionists, members of various religious
communities, long time fighters for civil rights and women's rights as
well as those who have never before been to a demonstration. Undoubtedly

the majority of these diverse participants will be students and young
people. In addition to playing a vital role in the anti-war movement,
the January 18-19 weekend presents an opportunity for us to take action
and develop plans for future action.

Be a part of Youth and Student A.N.S.W.E.R. and, while you work to stop
a war against Iraq, build a movement that upholds the right of
self-determination for the people of the world and stands in solidarity
with the struggles across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin
America against U.S. intervention and neo-colonial domination. Help
build a student movement that fights racism, police brutality, attacks
on education, and all manifestations of oppression and exploitation. We

are fighting for a different society, one that values human needs over

Sunday, January 19
Youth and Student Rally &March

-Gather at 11 am at the Dept of In-Justice (Pennsylvania Ave. between
9th and 10th NW)
-March to the Presidential Palace (White House) for a Youth &Student
Weapons Inspection

Gather at 11am at the Department of In-Justice (Pennsylvania Ave.
between 9th and 10th NW) to protest the attacks against the Arab and
Muslim communities ? including the recent mass arrests in California.
Many of these violations are taking place within our own school as more
and more universities are complying with FBI and INS efforts to gather
information, interrogate, detain and deport thousands of people.

March to the Presidential Palace (White House) for a Youth and Student
Weapons Inspection. If George Bush believes that the UN weapons
inspectors have the right to look into every building in Iraq, then we
should have a right to check out his "Presidential Palace." It's our
schools that have gone without funding and it's our social programs that

have been cut to pay for the U.S. government's weapons of mass
destruction. A new war in Iraq is estimated to cost almost
$2,000,000,000,000 ($2 trillion, according to a recent American Academy
of Arts and Sciences study). Let's see if Bush provides full and
complete disclosure!

No War on Iraq!
Disarm the Pentagon!
Stop the attacks on the Muslim and Arab communities!
SMASH War &Racism!

What you should do if you're interested:

1) Spread the word! Send this announcement to everyone you know, and
tell them to post it widely. Download the PDF of the flyer at, make copies, and
post and distribute them widely!

2) Contact us if you have questions. Email

or call 202-544-3389.

3) If you/your group is planning to participate, fill out the Student
Organizing Form at

(you may need to scroll down) and in the "message" section let us know
how many people you expect, and if you'll be participating in the
planning meeting and/or march &rally.

Sponsored by:
Youth and Student A.N.S.W.E.R.




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